Limit output to *.frd file to certain element sets

i have a model with “ghost” elements. Elements that have a very low stiffness but use the same nodes as the elements the model consists of. This elements are written to the element description part of the *.frd file. But i want to exclude them. I can not limit the output by using the NSET option with *EL File, because the ghost elements are connected to the same nodes. Is there a way to realize a *EL File command that limits the output to element sets?

You could import your .inp into cubit so that the mesh and the sets are there and then run your .inp and let it convert to paraview.

In paraview you can easily unselect the sets that you don’t wanna view with the multi block inspector.

Maybe you can use / create a read.fbd file like these:

read jobname.frd
read jobname.inp nom

comp Nresult u

plot e Nresult