Hiding parts during simulation

During pre-processing I defined two volumes, and I want to hide one of these volumes in post processing how can I do that? or at least represent it as lines only (without seeing the mesh and the colormap)

Which postprocessor are you using - GraphiX ?

Yes, I meshed the volumes using Gmsh as a pre-processor but checking the results on CGX

as i remember it’s possible in CGX by reading of both Frd and Inp simultaneously, more details can be found in documentation.

Here is what I did:

# Read result data
read job.frd
# Read input data (sets), not the mesh.
read job.inp nom

cmap coolwarm
# Plot only some element sets.
plot e Etop
plus e Ebot
# Select what to show.
ds 3 e 23
# View the deformed state.
view disp
view sh off
view elem

Thank you so much, Finally it worked