Writing CalculiX Input file

Good day CalculiX experienced users

How to write an input file of the following structural for Finite Element Analysis.

  1. Line beam assigning a cross sectional area.

  2. 2D Plate with a hole from FreeCad.

  3. 3D Beam from FreeCad

  4. Lastly How to display the nodes or elements of the structural once the input has been created i.e

All of them can be prepared in FreeCAD FEM and then you can export the .inp file and see what it looks like.

For that you have to pick a preprocessor, there are a few for CalculiX but they may not be able to display node and element labels. ParaView can do it once you import your results (converted from .frd to .vtk).

Thank You very much @Calc_em.

This also answers my other question that was going to follow on how to select nodes that required to be constraint on the input file, following MPC method.

@thapelo861 if you need to display nodes and element id’s you could also use cubit and the calculix component.

it can display directly in CGX by reading of Inp files,

display node with annotation ‘plot’ or ‘plus’ and ‘na all’
display element with annotation ‘plot’ or ‘plus’ and ‘ea all’

@xyont Thank you i was able to display the elements and nodes numbers in cgx

One the Terminal has opened after running CGX post Processor Mode, one need to add plot na all, plus na all, plot ea all & plus ea all.