Prepomax reading result


i want to see my results with prepomax.
So i can open my *.frd file, but without
created sets from the *.inp file.
and i can not create a set to see my result on special places.
Is the a workaround for these?
to calc. with ccx and check the results with sets by prepomax?
If i import the *.inp file, the results are not included?

thnx in advance

Unfortunately, there’s no option to hide/show elements in results based on sets. As a workaround, you could convert a set to a part and then hide or show it in results but this would require running analysis from PrePoMax.

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CCX does “know” the sets for distinct material properties, so if a unique property (even if repeated) were assigned to each part, that would at least be a way to identify sets. (but now you have to ask Matej for a new feature)

I have elastic and plastic material behaviour in my calc.,
but i don’t see there no way to make them visible.
But i have arranged me with the tool “Query”.
these is fine for me.

It would be nice to have these in cgx !!!

and for prepomax it would be nice to have input:

jobname.inp nom