Elements touching to a line set into an element set?


How can I save elements touching to a line set into an element set? I want to extract stresses on this line set with *EL PRINT which requires an element set. It seems that *NODE PRINT does not write stresses, so I cannot use a node set.

Following code writes only a node set.

seta lineset l l1 l12
comp lineset do
send lineset abq nam

Following code can write element numbers of a surface. I wasn’t able to have an element set to be written.

send lineset abq sur

I want to write stress results and reaction force summations of line sets into a dat file, then read this file with a Python code and process it to create a simple report.

Hello ,

you can do like these:

seta lineset l L001 L002
comp lineset d
seta new n lineset
comp new up

these should work