Graphix: contour plot on selected elements

Hi all,
I was looking to plot the datasets (stress, strain etc) on a selected subset of elements only. I wonder if such is a possibility in Graphix? For example, I can use the command:
ds 2 e 1
to plot the sxx for the whole set. I wanted to know if I could graphically select certain elements and regenerate the plot for that set.

Hello ,

you can create a seperate fbd file for plotting your result:

read HEA-1000_C3D20_03_el.frd
read HEA-1000_C3D20_03_el.inp nom

plot e Enmonitor

with these script, you have access during calculation after finish first step or substep
to check what happens

Hi Shah, you may use the qadd and plot commands. Use ‘qadd setname’ to select certain elements or faces (element faces) and ‘plot setname’ to display only these elements or faces.

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… please look into the docu for details and options
( for example: plot ev setname or plot fv setname)

This is precisely what I was looking for. Thanks a lot, Klaus.