Calculix 2.21 binaries for Windows 7 x64

Hello, colleagues,

binaries, please

With best regards,

Serge “Prool” Pustovoitoff,

city of Kharkiv, Ukraine


Thanks Prool. Is this better than the Windows binaries at

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It’s just my build, different compiler, different build options. I don’t know if it’s worse or better or roughly the same.

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I learned from the binaries which dlls I may need when compiling Calculix by myself with the cygwin environment.

Thanks, @prool to provide such distribution for a long times, may you still support as unofficial (community) like early Modified MC been compiled.

There’s many extension and improvement were not included at the official due to some reasons, e.g. enhanced Linear Hexahedral, Drucker-Prager, Cyclic elastoplasticity, etc.

Regrettable if their hard work is loss in the future.

Thank you very much. What options did you use? Which solvers are included?

have you already checked the package inserts?

Good idea, thank U.
One question: how can I update ccx with pastix version 6.3.0 (lasted)?

I believe you will have to build pastix from source and then calculix with pastix. This may require a lot of debugging since the latest version of PaStiX45CalculiX was 6.0.2 ~ 4 years ago.