Need for comprehensive updated CalculiX 2.20 Windows install guide and Windows install help

Hi all,

I’ve been using calculix via PrePoMax for a bit now. However I want to install it separately now with version 2.20. I have seen a few threads on it but they tend to lack a complete guide on how to install it on Windows. There are usually multiple other software packages that also need to be installed in order for it to work, sometimes installing those packages requires hunting down another guide on installing that dependency and so on…

Is there any way we can put this information in one spot or page on a github repo with version 2.20 so everyone who wants to can install it without hunting down a bunch of software packages and deciphering how to install them.

Relevant threads I have seen

It seems you had the same exact problem I am having on 8/2020 as you mentioned in this thread

Could you perhaps share the build you made so everyone can use it?

I would appreciate any help anyone can provide as there seems to be a ton of functionality I am missing out on without the latest version on windows.

Furthermore I would be willing to write up what I end up doing to install calculix on windows on whatever github repo is recommended.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

the easy way if you’re a prepomax user or in general in my opinion is to add the solver folder under prepomax installation path (e. g.: C:\PrePoMax v1.3.5.1\Solver) to your user path, then just call it from the command line: ccx_static -i jobname (you can rename ccx_static.exe to ccx.exe or whatever yu deem appropriate).


Dear @WinLux1,

You can find my CCX builds in the CAE repository under ‘bin’ folder. For Windows I used cygwin - install it to ‘C:\cygwin64’ with:

  • gcc-g++ 11.3.0-1
  • gcc-fortran 11.3.0-1
  • make 4.3-1
  • perl 5.32.1-2
  • libglut3 3.2.1-1

Then follow official install instructions for Linux.

Here is the whole CCX 2.20 source folder with built ARPACK and SPOOLES for Windows:

I use the modified makefile:

Command to make with custom makefile is:
make -f ccx_Makefile_MT_windows

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The fastest way is:

  1. install CalculiX from “”;
  2. download the latest version of Calculix for Win from “”;
  3. now you just need to replace the exe files of ccx and cgx.

Good work.

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  1. Download “”, and unpack it.
  2. Rename cgx_STATIC.exe to cgx.exe.
  3. Rename ccx_static.exe to ccx.exe
  4. Create a directory for it, e.g. C:\calculix\, and copy cgx.exe, ccx.exe and netgen.exe to that directory.
  5. Edit the environment variable PATH and add C:\calculix\ to it.

You should now be able to use calculix.

Note that it you have an existing CalculiX directory which is already in your PATH, you could just replace the existing executables in there with the new ones.

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