Another CalculiX for Windows binary distributions (Politechnika Warszawska)

MS Windows installation version 32 bit, 64 bit and combined.

note from the webs :

The current compilation (version 2.17) containing solver (ccx) and postprocessor (cgx) was prepared using compilers available in MinGW/MinGW64 distribution.

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I was really looking forward to this.

qadd doesn’t seem to work at all. hcpy doesn’t work. Running on Win 10 HP zBook Corei7.

firsly, i’m not the owner and i did not test all feature & keywords of CCX/CGX from above distributions. just sharing an info’s especially in 32bit, no more. you may ask further directly from the web links.

another reasons would not help, most of my work in CGX are based on script file mode, not interactive with ‘q’ initialize keywords of quick commands. regarding to ‘hcpy’ command doesn’t work properly, it may due to external library dependencies, ‘graph’ commands also may lead to some issues.

I’ve thought about your response.

I think if you’re going to be posting crippled versions of software you should state that.

I think it’s remarkably self-centered of you to not bother to compile certain commands because you don’t use them.