Windows executable ver calculix_2.19

Hello everybody,

I have seen that the new CalculiX v 2.19 is announced in the CalculiX webpage.

When searching for the Windows executable the link downloads ver

¿Is there somewhere a compiled version of CalculiX v 2.19 for windows?

Thanks and Happy New 2022

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Hello, colleagues,

i made binary files for windows 64 bit

File here:

With best regards,

Serge “Prool” Pustovoitoff,

Kharkiv, Ukraine


Thank you very much Mr. Pustovoitoff

Hi Mr. Pustovoitoff,

I have noticed that the previous version available had Pastix and Pardiso linked. That increase the speed considerable . There was also a Dynamic and Static version.
¿Does someone know if these options are being prepared and are planned to see the light soon?

Thanks in advance,


I have not dealt with these packages yet.

I’ll try a little later.

When it works out, I’ll let you know


On my system (Win 10 Pro) both ccx_2.19.exe and ccx_2.19u.exe executables did not pass coupling7.inp example test with new *DISTRIBUTING card.

Binaries should be available soon on


My system is Windows 7 64 bit.

Test with ccx2_19.exe and coupling7.inp passed ok.

This is strange

The colleague writes me: this is a Windows 10 problem with various versions of ccx.

Dear Ratał, binaries are still not available at CalculiX web site. Would you be so kind as to distribute it here via Dropbox or similar service.

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This is the same version that was sent to the developer to be available on the official website:


Thanks for posting this Rafal


i made binaryes for 32 bit Windows.

Must running in 32 bit system and in 64 bit.

With best regards, Prool

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at first thank you for these great job. these is awesome!
will be there later also the README_Install file located?
is there a possibility to add or deposit / storage information
about the different execution files?
For example what is the standard cgx and ccx files ?
(cgx_static & ccx_static !?)
what is ccx_dynamic and cgx_GLUT and cgx_FREEGLUT

wbr dichtstoff

A new version is now available on the website:

cgx_static base on freeglut (static link, like on linux)
cgx_freeglut base on freeglut (dynamic link, like on linux)
cgx_glut base on glut (like bConverged)

ccx_static contains spooles and pastix
ccx_dynamic contains spooles, pastix and pardiso (pardiso need .dll files → dynamic link)


Awsome. Great Job.!!
Thanks Mr. Brzegowy

Only small correction: both static and dynamic versions of CCX also contain iterative solvers.

ccx_dynamic_i8 and ccx_static_i8 is with iterative solvers?


I would like to use the latest ccx_2.19 windows version. (Many thanks for providing the program)
I still use Version 2.17 provided by Rafal Berzegowy. To use the Pardiso solver I had downloaded the free version INTEL MKL as it was mentioned in the README file.

For the new version 2.19 it is neccessary to download the “oneAPI MKL library

Trying to download the oneAPI MKL I land at Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit. As I understood that will contain the required MKL libraries?
(If some could give the link for download would be nice)

If I download and install the new, will the 2.17 version still work? Or are there any interferences?

Sorry for asking that, but my knowledge about that Intel stuff is very very poor. I get a bit confused on the Intel page.

Best regards!