CalculiX 2.20 for Win64

Hello, colleagues and Merry Xmas!

I’m making ccx/cgx 2.20 binaries for Windows x86 (compiling in Windows 7, ccx making in cygwin,
cgx in mingw/msys by General Electric instructions)

For your pleasure:

With best regards,

Serge “Prool” Pustovoitoff, Kharkiv, Ukraine


How are they different from those available here ?

Theoretically, there should be no difference in behavior.

However, they may be.

Because different compiler versions, different compilation options and all that.

There is also a third binary code from mr. Igor Mirzov: GitHub - calculix/cae: CalculiX Advanced Environment is designed to guide you through the CalculiX keywords creation process and is aimed to help you reach the correct input file with no mistakes.