How do I build ccx?

Hello, My calculix install only build a cgx executable. I did not get a ccx executable. I would like to run the airfoil test case. Will the ccx executable be generated by the call to cgx -b send_penta.fbl?
Is it possible to build ccx directly, without the GUI interface?

What instructions are you using to build calculix? You can try this prebuilt executable for linux here:

Thanks so much for the reply. I am following the INSTALL instructions that come with the download from this URL
A pre-build executable is of no use, as we need to port the code to other systems and we need to optimize compiler flags etc for each architecture. If you could point me to instructions on how to build ccx that would be of tremendous help.

Have you tried the ccx install instructions? I always go to the “If you like a slower pace, here some more information:” section.

My installation script should automate the whole ccx build. It’s the same one I linked to earlier when you asked about the MPI calculix.

I am doubtful there will be any noticeable speedup when playing with compiler flags. If you do notice anything, do share!

This is valuable information. Thanks so much. I had in the meantime build ccx 2.18 downloaded from here: git clone GitHub - ISCPC/CalculiX-Builder.
I have not tested it yet, but at least I got it build using the Intel compiler and MKL. I built with make NPROCS=40, hoping this will utilize 40 cores on our skylake nodes.
I read through the 2.20 ccx instruction and see no mention of how to select a compiler or how to specify that MKL should be used. I will report back once I get it done.