Asking user input?

For my little window calculation tool project I want to let the user punch in some key values, such as height and width of the window.
I have two problems here:

  1. the use of a question mark operator in the valu command, as suggested in section 9.137 of the cgx manual does not seem to work. If I write in my .fbd file:
 VALU som 750
 VALU weetniet ?
 VALU laatst 23

the execution is not halted to let me type the value of weetniet, but, contrary to what the manual suggests, the script is completed and weetniet stores a question mark.

  1. I have not found a way to simply echo a text to the screen. Woud be convenient to let the user know what to do. Preferably a sort of complete function with a prompt text etc.

Have you tried adding user message between apostrophes, like in the documentation?

Hmm. I cannot understand how I missed that. Could it be this ‘user message’ is something that is missing in some manual versions?

Tried that solution but no avail. I take it the double quotes used are just double quotes and not something special, right?

I checked the older versions of the cgx manual and this operator was mentioned for the first time in the manual for the 2.13 release.

By the way, which CalculiX version do you use ?

Right, according to the documentation those should be just regular apostrophes.

Thanks for confirming regular apostrophes.

I guess I found the culprit. I will have to update. My CalculiX version is 2.10 build 002, 64 bit from the bConverged package.
I have now downloaded the extra files to update to 2.19. Will see if that works better.

The version upgrade to 2.19 did it. All clear now.