Python UI examples?

I am looking into ways to use CalculiX inside a small dedicated UI for the evaluation of glazing. Effectively it would be in support of the update of standard ISO11336-1 Large yachts — Strength, weathertightness and watertightness of glazed openings — Part 1: Design criteria, materials, framing and testing of independent glazed openings. and Part 4 of same standard,dedicated to ‘advanced computation methods’. This would cover anything above simple Timoshenko plate formulas.
Text input of parameters into CalculiX directly could be one way to go but it would be more friendly to make a small app in for example Python.
I have been looking into Python API’s, found PyCalculiX, but that only supports 2D work and I am not sure whether it was maintained over the last years. My application would need to support 3D models and be somewhat robust for the future.
Are there any other API’s for Python(preferred), C/C++ or even VB you know of or published examples I could use to start from?

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Maybe just GraphiX (cgx) - native GUI for CalculiX with the possibility of automation via Python scripting. Here are some examples of scripts for cgx: CalculiX-Examples/Scripts at master · calculix/CalculiX-Examples · GitHub

OK, Thanks. I had seen the reference to Python scripting but I had not yet found details so not investigated. Looks like these scripts do independent operators on the input/output (script) text files. They are not using an API to call any functions in ccx or gcx.
Maybe text file edit is just the right level of integration. It can be done with many platforms so it opens up many possibilities and it would not normally be affected by version updates of ccx/cgx.