Missing element US3


reading documentation, i need a try new shell element in CCX 2.18. but seems not available yet. any hints about the problem?

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i checked again, previously input was not defined properly.


now it’s ran and finish, however no result exist on frd files (graphically shown blank) even i request by Output=2D

the behavior also the same as user beam element, seems it does not yet supported by CGX.

may i corrected, finally i found it how to be working. thanks Guido for implement the improved version of classical shell element, also for some example files at the webs.

or, may also thanks to another. did Gil Rama at MTU Aero Engines (et al) contributed directly to CalculiX?

What was the problem ? Wrong section definition ? Incorrect field output variables ?

this is a new element i been waiting for a long time, since early i try CalculiX for the first time. is a classical shell element not a continuum ones, improved versions is a leap steps and added in September 2021 versions.

some examples at official webs guide me to use these element properly, about the input and output setting were actually is a new also.

did you ever try for testing US3 element before?

There’s no mention of exemplary input files for this element in the User’s Guide and I couldn’t find any matching names in test examples: http://www.dhondt.de/ccx_2.19.test.tar.bz2
Are these examples located somewhere else than the rest ?

Yes, after you started this topic. I can’t find the files from my tests but it’s likely that the section and output definitions were incorrect.

right, also this makes me hard to try even for simple cases. i try to understand from error message shown by the solver, then it solved. next problem is in post-processing. till i traces from large example files and i found it.

is on version 2.18 examples named lin_stat_twisted_beam.inp and many others, i opening these file and save in another names to avoid any accidental modification.

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I will include some file references for the us3-element in the documentation. Doing a “grep -i us3 *.inp” in the test suite will give you quite a few example files with us3, though (version 2.19).