Python framework for CalculiX

Hello everyone,

as I have written in the thread Boolean-like parameters in ccx input keywords, I’m currently working on a python framework, called Pygccx, for building and solving 3D solid CalculiX models.
Now my project has reached a certain level and I would like to make it open source under GPL V3.

Here is my GitHub repo:
Up to now, I have tested the project only under windows 10.

I would appreciate if someone wants to take a look or give it a try. Maybe someone would like to contribute? There is still a lot to do:
Implementing new keywords, writing tests, writing more and/or better documentation, refactoring, improving usability and a lot of discussion.

To get a first impression, look at the files in the examples folder.
In the folder doc/pygccx you can find an auto generated html documentation of all classes.

If there are any questions, I will do my best to help.

Looking forward for feedback.
Greetings, Matthias


Dear Matthias,

Thank you for developing tools for CalucliX! Please, would you join CalculiX organization on GitHub? I’ve send the invitation.


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Hello Ihor,
Many thanks for the invitation. I have joined in.

Dear Matthias,

Thank you for joining! Would you like to host your project in the Calculix Github group? URL could be yours.

Hello Ihor,
that would be great! Can you create the repository? At the moment I’m still working on a parser for frd and dat files. When that’s done, maybe in one or two weeks, I’m happy to move the project to the new repo.

Hi Mattias,

Yes, I can create the repo, but it is not needed. Much simpler is to transfer your repo directly to the organization.

By the way, while you’re working on FRD and DAT parsers for CalculiX, please have a look on those projects:
ccx2paraview - module is a FRD parser,
CCXStressReader - is a DAT parser for Calculix.

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Hi Ihor,
i have transfered my project to Calculix organisation. Thank you!
It seems i have limited access now. Can you please rename the repo from “pygccx_project” in “pygccx”.
Many thanks!


Thank you, Matthias! You’re admin and have full control over the repo. Sorry for some delay. Please, check permissions again.

Thank you Ihor! Now the permissions are set correctly.