Calculix starts but does not finish

I have a new issue with Calculix, but until now only on a single new computer (Windows 10 Pro for Workstations).

It looks like CalculiX starts loading the model but it stops at calculating the eigenvalues.

I tested with lots of old input files that work on other computers.

Below you can see the output for an example.

I’m using the ccx_2.15_MT.exe, downloaded from

Can it be that CalculiX has some dependencies (some dll’s) that are missing on that specific machine?

Or can it be that it’s not compatible with the newest Windows OS?

Thank you very much.

CalculiX Version 2.15, Copyright© 1998-2018 Guido Dhondt
CalculiX comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free
software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under
certain conditions, see gpl.htm

You are using an executable made on Fr, 18. Jan 2019 11:11:53

The numbers below are estimated upper bounds

number of:

nodes: 62969
elements: 32463
one-dimensional elements: 0
two-dimensional elements: 0
integration points per element: 4
degrees of freedom per node: 3
layers per element: 1

distributed facial loads: 0
distributed volumetric loads: 0
concentrated loads: 0
single point constraints: 0
multiple point constraints: 1
terms in all multiple point constraints: 1
tie constraints: 0
dependent nodes tied by cyclic constraints: 0
dependent nodes in pre-tension constraints: 0

sets: 3
terms in all sets: 158404

materials: 1
constants per material and temperature: 2
temperature points per material: 1
plastic data points per material: 0

orientations: 8
amplitudes: 2
data points in all amplitudes: 2
print requests: 0
transformations: 1
property cards: 0


Frequency analysis was selected

Decascading the MPC’s

Determining the structure of the matrix:
number of equations
number of nonzero lower triangular matrix elements

Using up to 1 cpu(s) for the stress calculation.

Using up to 1 cpu(s) for the symmetric stiffness/mass contributions.

Factoring the system of equations using the symmetric spooles solver
Using up to 1 cpu(s) for spooles.

Calculating the eigenvalues and the eigenmodes


as i know the binary executable from your links are static, meaning it does not required any dll’s to run. if your 2.15 version stacked, you may leave and try another new ones from Matej B. of PrePoMax. this mirror links (password : ) also i provide for convenience.

Spooles MT of your links are fastest and i also use these executable during several years since 2.10 versions. the story changes after i do complex & large models including plasticity & many contact pairs, but limiting by memory on my pc. in my experiences the solver CalculiX with Pardiso (MKL) from Rafal B. work best to do convergences to be done.

there’s another new solver called PasTiX available in this forums which many says and proof to be faster, currently i’m being study the compatibility and erroneous may occurs as documentation/integrator says. only simple static linear analysis with large models i’ve been tested, yes PasTiX is faster than Spooles MT about 25% in calculation times. i still be a patient in waiting of windows executable versions on PasTiX integration progress (PaRSEC & GPU enable) since it has given promise in speed leap compared to another solver.

thank you,

Many, many thanks! It works with your CalculiX version.
I don’t quite understand the differences between the multitude of different CalculiX solvers.
Is there a reference for this?


is there a posibilty to download these file without login ?
wbr dichtstff

hi Alexandru,
i’m not expert in compiling, just an ordinary like any other end users. to understand the differences in result and computational times, someone need to try another solver. it can be switch easily between each others, regarding to some limitation you may read official documentation and sometimes need to seek and follow the forum discussions.

hi Dichtstoff,
is 4shared blocked by your country? no, it can be access only with login. need to create account before, even it’s so easy and quick.

thanks all,