Stl export of deformed mesh?

Hi is there a way to export or convert the results file into an STL mesh? I can export the un-deformed parts as stl but can’t seem to get the results out that way.

I am on a quest to use a UV resin printer to accurately print parts and while the finish and resolution are remarkable I need a way to compensate for shrinkage as simply scaling the models does not do this. I suspect (and will test further) that I can use thermal expansion to create compensated models to send to the printer but that only works if I can get the mesh out again.



Try the command send all stl in GraphiX. It should let you achieve the desired effect.

Thanks Calc_em

I will have to admit that I have been working with ProPoMax rather than CCX and CGX. I have those installed now in a virtual machine and can load my results file and visualize it but can’t get the send command to work. I guess the command line should be (in the folder with the results) “cgx send all stl” but clearly I am missing something as that doesn’t work.

This command has to be entered when GraphiX is open. So start the GraphiX first (using system command line) then activate the internal command line and type send all stl.

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command window

or write an read command

It happened to be so easy to be true. I open result.stl file in FreeCAD and the beam is straight as in the first place when no displacement were calculated on it.

$send all STL

all in this case is just meshed not calculated, I mean there are no displacements yet. The point is how to get the beam nodes with resulted displacements.

FreeCAD also can export the deformed mesh: FEM FemMesh2Mesh - FreeCAD Documentation

What variable the deformed mesh is in? Variable all does not count.