Convert calculix Inp to stl file

Hii…I am getting one inp file as a output of beso code which contain fem mesh.I want to convert that fem mesh to normal mesh using FemMesh2mesh method.Manually in freecad i am able to do but from the python script I am getting error for file opening also.Here attaching the python script .

import FreeCAD as App
import Mesh

def export_inp_to_stl(inp_file_path, stl_file_path):

    doc = App.newDocument()

# Import the INP file directly into the document

    # Step 2: Find the FEM mesh object (assuming only one exists in the document)
    fem_mesh_object = None
    for obj in App.ActiveDocument.Objects:
        if 'Fem::FemMeshObject' in obj.PropertiesList:
            fem_mesh_object = obj

    if fem_mesh_object is None:
        raise Exception("No FEM mesh object found in the document.")

    # Create a Mesh object using femmesh2mesh
    mesh_obj = doc.addObject("Mesh::Feature", "Mesh")
    mesh_obj.Mesh = fem_mesh.Mesh

    # Export the Mesh object to STL
    Mesh.export([mesh_obj], stl_file_path)  # This assumes you want to export the entire mesh

    print(f"Export successful. STL file saved as {stl_file_path}")

except Exception as e:
    print(f"Error during export: {e}")

Example usage:

inp_file_path = r"D:\file080_state1.inp"
stl_file_path = r"C:\Users\Supriya Chaugule\Downloads\Inp.stl"

export_inp_to_stl(inp_file_path, stl_file_path)

I think that you should ask this question on the FreeCAD forum. Particularly, in this section: Python scripting and macros - FreeCAD Forum

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also, this can be done in CGX by send all stl commands.