Send deformed mesh with cgx

î want to send the deformed mesh with cgx.
so created a fbd file with:

read job.frd
read job.inp nom

seta def-mesh e all
seta def-mesh n all
ds 1 ah 4

send def-mesh abq

i can see the model in a deformed shape but
the generated def-mesh is without displacement!?
what is missing?
bonus: and what if i want include a scale factor?


it’s required to be display & scale before send commands to get deformed mesh as initial geometry of another analysis.

used menus & command:

  • viewing, toggle add displacement
  • scal d (any number of interest)
  • seta setnames e/n all
  • send setnames abq

then setnames.msh will be created, using include keyword as refference to the model or simple rename the extension with inp.



Hello dichtstoff,
you apply the displacements to the node coordinates with
ds 1
view disp

then you write the deformed mesh as you had written.
You may scale them with
scal d


Hello Mr. Wittig,

it works perfect,
Thnx a lot.

But now i have an other questions / remark:

i create a first calc. with C3D8I elements,
then i run my script with create new mesh with displacement:

seta pre-el e all
seta pre-el n all

ds 1 e 4
ds 1 s 32.85852

view disp
send pre-el abq

but now the new created mesh is with C3D8 elements
and not with the original elements!?

so i have add the line to change from C3D8 elements to C3D8I elements?
why they’re getting lost? (is these not a bug?)


Hello Mr Dichtstoff,
how did you read the mesh? I guess you opened the frd result file from ccx.
This file holds no information about the elements apart from its general type.
So the information that they are of the ccx ‘i’ type was lost before. There
is a work around. First open the inp file and then read the ccx frd file with

read frdfile nom

The other way around it is not working, I place it on my todo list.

Best regards,
Klaus Wittig

for me it works fine, but maybe you have have to know these.

Maybe a solution could be an option with ccx,
where your define with I or R or whatever, Like other software with “keyoption”

i recognized these later, and these is no big deal, but you have to know these:

read 1L_O-solid_pre-def.frd
read 1L_O-solid_pre-def.inp nom

seta pre-pl e all
seta pre-pl n all

ds 1 e 4
ds 1 s 72.4

elty all HE8I

view disp
send pre-pl abq

prnt se Nmonitor

203.2 + 6000/250 = 227.20000

so i have to change the first two lines!?

wbr & thx dichtstoff

Hello Mr Dichtstoff,
sorry, but I don’t get the point. Could you please tell me with some more
words what the problem is?

Best regards,
Klaus Wittig

Hello Mr. Wittig,

please don’t waste time on these topic. Everything is working.

But for understanding i have add an example.

I run a calc. with HE8I-elements.

I run a fbd file where i change the mesh from the calc.
and for output i get HE8-elements instead of the original HE8I-elements

so i have to add the command “elty all HE8I” for getting back my elements i had before.
(I did not knew these, i was thinking i work still with the HE8I-elements, but i did not)
everything is fine, if i use the command “elty all HE8I”. these was my missing point!