Send deformed mesh with cgx

î want to send the deformed mesh with cgx.
so created a fbd file with:

read job.frd
read job.inp nom

seta def-mesh e all
seta def-mesh n all
ds 1 ah 4

send def-mesh abq

i can see the model in a deformed shape but
the generated def-mesh is without displacement!?
what is missing?
bonus: and what if i want include a scale factor?


it’s required to be display & scale before send commands to get deformed mesh as initial geometry of another analysis.

used menus & command:

  • viewing, toggle add displacement
  • scal d (any number of interest)
  • seta setnames e/n all
  • send setnames abq

then setnames.msh will be created, using include keyword as refference to the model or simple rename the extension with inp.



Hello dichtstoff,
you apply the displacements to the node coordinates with
ds 1
view disp

then you write the deformed mesh as you had written.
You may scale them with
scal d