Save deformed mesh with list of Groups/Sets


After a first calculation, I want to save my deformed mesh with the list of Groups/Sets defined in GMSH.

If I understand, I have to use cgx to display the last iteration and use the command “send all to abq” to save the mesh. Then i use the command “send ‘group’ abq nam” to save also my entities but this doesn’t work.

Indeed, when I ask cgx to print my Groups/Sets with the “prnt se” command, it doesn’t find them and only show the “all set” (picture1) whereas they were available in the launcher before to run the first calculation (picture2)…

Do you know why? I appreciate any hints

*INCLUDE, INPUT=allinone.inp
*INCLUDE, INPUT=add_material.inp
*INCLUDE, INPUT=add_amplitude.inp
*INCLUDE, INPUT=add_sections.inp
*INCLUDE, INPUT=add_support.inp
*INCLUDE, INPUT=add_contact.inp


** ALPHA is for dissipation of the high frequency response, takes an argument between -0.33 ...0

*INCLUDE, INPUT=add_dload.inp
*INCLUDE, INPUT=add_boundary.inp
  *NODE FILE,output=2d
  *EL FILE,output=2d


you can safe or export your model with “send all abq”.
For scaling your deformed you can use “scal d 2” for example, befor export your deformed mesh.
your list with print se is empty because after solution and opening with cgx.
what you can do, is to create a read.fbd file and open the result and your sets:


please check out the examples from mr. kraska:

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Ok, thank you very much!