SciTE on Windows setting


i try updating SciTE to the latest versions, syntax been completion and calling CalculiX ccx and cgx done internally. However, syntax highlighting for *.fbd files did not work as expected and some group of keyword arguments also.

the code can be found on my GitHub, copy and overwrites three files into official SciTE latest distribution (, and

any hints about the problems?

below figures shown CalculiX ccx running by access menu Tool - Compile (Ctrl+F7) and cgx displaying results by F5 keys (Go)

and some problem in syntax highlighting of *.fbd files.

probably it’s required to compiles from source to make SciTE fully integrated with CalculiX.

Autodesk also customized SciTE in their MAXscript editor.

HI Xyont,

I’m trying to update my installation and it almost works but Compile constantly runs ccx version v.19 no matter what.

How could I update to point to the new version?

NOTE: I dont have bconverged installed so I went directly to and found this:

command.compile.*.inp=C:\PROGRA~2\BCONVE~1\CalculiX\bin\ccx.bat $(FileName)
command.compile.*.inp=C:\PROGRA~2\BCONVE~1\CalculiX\bin\ccx.bat $(FileName)

command.go.*.inp="C:\PROGRA~2\BCONVE~1\CalculiX\bin\cgx.bat" -v "$(FileName).frd"
command.go.*.inp="C:\PROGRA~2\BCONVE~1\CalculiX\bin\cgx.bat" -v "$(FileName).frd"

command.go.*.inp="C:\PROGRA~2\BCONVE~1\CalculiX\bin\cgx.bat" -c "$(FileNameExt)"
command.clean.*.inp="C:\PROGRA~2\BCONVE~1\CalculiX\bin\cgx.bat" -c "$(FileNameExt)"

Some command lines are repeated, and different commands have the same parameter. Is that ok?

Firstly, i prefer to install bConverged and updates as suggested officially. If not, some specific setting in environment path and modify ^.properties is required.

i incidentally upload the incorrect ones, file has been updated immediately.

Thank you very much.


I have finally been able to set the proper ccx version runing in Scite.
I have remove the

command.compile.*.inp=C:\Users.…\ccx.bat $(FileName) from the and set it directly into the as :

command.compile.$(file.patterns.inp)=ccx_dynamic -i $(FileName)

No bconverge is needed.