SciTE - setup with Linux

Hi. Relatively new user of Calculix here :slight_smile:

I have worked some with bConverged where SciTE is use as input file editor and to call the cgx/ccx binaries. And I have become quite fond of the ease of use of this package. As I preferably use linux I am looking for a guide of how to configure SciTE (generic package) to do this - make my own bConverged, so to say. If something similar exists for geany to work with cgx/ccx that would be fine as well.

Any tips will be highly appreciated.

Maybe you could use gVim or Notepad++ instead. There are plugins with Abaqus syntax for both of them. And since Abaqus input files are very similar (in large part the same and differences usually mean keywords and their parameters supported by Abaqus but not by CalculiX) to CalculiX ones, it should make sense to use it when working with ccx.

This tool may also be useful: GitHub - calculix/cae: CalculiX Advanced Environment is designed to guide you through the CalculiX keywords creation process and is aimed to help you reach the correct input file with no mistakes.

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You can also use VSCode or Geany. Both have code folding and syntax highlighting.

I just updated the filetype for Geany on my repo: GitHub - fa201/my-calculix: Calculix Crunchix and Graphix help. This is actually a modified Abaqus filetype to support some keyword for CCX. You can also use the default Abaqus filetype provided by Geany. I was not able to build an additional filetype for Geany…

Thank You very much for replies and proposals. I just realized that the context/syntax settings are included with SciTE as: /usr/share/scite/ But this is not loaded as standard as it is in the imports.exclude list at the at the end of /usr/share/scite/ Remove from there and that part works.

# To keep menus short, these .properties files are not loaded by default.
imports.exclude=abaqus asl asn1 au3 ave avs baan blitzbasic bullant \
cil cmake cobol coffeescript csound dataflex ecl eiffel erlang escript \
... (list shortened) ...
# The set of imports allowed can be set with

In the supplied file I have then done it like this:

command.compile.*.inp=ccx $(FileName)*.inp=cgx -c "$(FileNameExt)"
command.clean.*.inp=cgx -v "$(FileName).frd"

That works for a start with .inp files for execution of solving and postprocessing. I now need to do something with the prepocessor .fbd files.

SciTE integration with CalculiX is good, however i experiences many hangs when try to hiding by scroll of large number of nodes or element. It seems InpEditor is better on this, also it has dedicated module to viewing a model and group set. A cross platform and capabilities to import directly an UNV files also benefit for Salome CAD/CAE user.

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