A new CalculiX Advanced Environment released - v0.9.1

Dear CalculiX users,

CalculiX Advanced Environment v0.9.1 released.
Please, help to test the software. Use it, enjoy, report problems.

icon Download: Linux version, Windows version.

What’s new:

  • Embedded Python
  • Fixed import settings prior running checks
  • Fixed tree expand/collapse
  • Fixed Windows pathes in SettingsDialog
  • Fixed open_frd: double read cgx_start.fbd
  • Bugfix for ccx2paraview converter
  • align_windows = False by default
  • Updated and ran unittests

Congratulations on your effort in this tool, Mr. @imirzov . I want to ask you if there are some videos on how to use your software correctly, as there are from other CalculiX pre and post-processors such as PrePoMax, FreeCAD module, and so on. Just to reduce the steepness of the learning curve.

Thank you very much!

Dear @lucas_bueno ,

Unfortunately no, there are no videos. But they are not really needed, since the software is very simple. Just run it, import your mesh and create CalculiX keywords. There is section ‘How to use’ in README-file about the intended workflow:

  • create geometry and mesh in FreeCAD or Salome-platform,
  • save mesh as UNV or export it to INP with Salome to CalculiX mesh exporter,
  • import INP or UNV mesh into CAE and continue creating model,
  • if needed, edit Fortran subroutines and rebuild CCX (menu Job),
  • submit job from CAE,
  • view job result in GraphiX or export it to post-process in Paraview.
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Ok, I’ve made a short clip about how to download and run CalculiX Advanced Environment:

Now I’m able to make such a content. So, do not hesitate to ask for more videos.

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