Gedit on Windows setting


i create CalculiX language specs and try to set up Gedit as text editor on Windows, however the syntax highlighting and code completion still not working even it has been detected.

is this specific Windows problems or there’s something i miss at step or lang? maybe someone can help to test on Linux or Mac


*additional information,
Gedit for Windows at Gnome
CalculiX language specs at GitHub
placement lang specs at C:\Program Files\gedit\share\gtksourceview-3.0\language-specs

Have never used Gedit, it´s possible to run CGX and CCX from within as with Scite?

I´m using Scite (the version that came with the Windows CCX distribution from Bconverged) and find it very usefull that functionality. Have tryed to update to a more new version of Scite but there is no way to make it work as the old one with the CCX integration.

Gedit is default Text Editor in many popular Linux like Notepad on Windows. It can be used as an IDE to run a script or compiling code by using plugins “Manage External Tools”

Indeed, SciTE is good but i have experiences frequetly hangs when folding / scrolling large number of nodes or element. So, i’m look into Gedit.

it seems required specific setting in syntax and calling exe by predefined files.

hi, i’check again SciTE version distributed by bConverged is an old one (Version 2.11 May 12 2010 09:41:12)

i downloaded the latest and try in folding / scrolling features, it seems to be smooth now.

probably, i will switch back to SciTE with updating syntax and try to set calling external executable. SciTE also cross platform, running on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

I have the same issue with the folding unfolding of big data sets, that´s why I have looked for a replacement in the past.

Has someone tried the vim-Abaqus?
It is intended for Abaqus so it should have to be defeatured (or not) and seems to have :

Syntax highlighting
Keyword completion
Useful commands, functions and mappings

EDIT: Program has Abaqus Syntax highlighting installed by default and at least unfolding works very fast.Multiplatform and very active. Last update is from 2 days ago

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Another option is Sublime Text +

Much more clean and friendly

thanks @Disla for share link another good text editor, for now i’ve been trying to update SciTE. Completing syntax and manage calling ccx & cgx internally, it’s partially done except in syntax since old bConverged only have two groups.

Please share once finished. I edit with notepad and don’t have colors, folding, syntax suggestion nor any of those features.
Sublime look “Sublime” but it’s kind of a monster with maybe too much features for me.

Scite has the wrigth balance of features/complexity, and being able to launch and monitor CCX and CGX is a pleasure. The only usefull feature that I see on other text editors are the sentence autocompleting, and the possibility of store small code snippets to insert further in the model.

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There is also inp_editor that highlights text.

InpEditor have good interaction and features of model viewer, unv importer,
templates and graph. However, it’s hard to customized in addition of new keywords and embedded terminal.

I used a bit VIM as an editor: it is the most powerful to handle very big files due to folding capabilities (much useful for mesh).

You can also use:

All should be available on Linux and Windows.


hi, i’ve managed for Geany to be working on Windows also. It seems working properly for CalculiX solver only, i did not success to detect CGX language files (fbd/fbl).

Probably, all editor i previously mention i.e SiTE, Gedit or Geany still need to modify the source and recompile.