A little introduction

Hi everyone I have been trying to get onto the forum for a while now but was not able to get my posts approved for some mysterious reason. I am trying again with a different email (thinking it might not like Gmail)

I have used Abaqus for many years but have gone independent and need a similar tool that isn’t so insanely expensive. Also Abaqus is really not as good as it should be given the cost.

Right now I am working with PrePoMax which is very nearly functional for simple problems but will explore the other interfaces if I need access to other features etc. I am impressed by the code given it is not the product of a big company and really appreciate all the people who have contributed to its development.

I have done some work with Salome and CodeAster but found the way of doing things (and the French) a bit of an adjustment, the input files for Calculix are obviously much closer to what I am used to seeing.

Before Covid anyway I was doing structural analysis consulting and hope to continue that using Calculix.

Luke (American, living in France and Norway)

Dear Luke,

Please, have a look on this tool - it could be useful for you:

It would be cool if you start using CAE and reporting issues regarding functionality of this tool.

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I tried this.

I copied examples/default.inp into bin folder, then in Window 10’s DOS terminal under bin, use this command to run:
ccx default.inp
gives a error message saying cyggfortran-5.dll not found. And cyggomp-1.dll.