Build, mesh and solve 3D models online with no learning curve ;-)

I have always been frustrated with the steep learning curves of most CAD/FEA packages. Even the simplest task of making a cantilever beam can take quite a while. And if you don’t do it every day you forget all the steps. Also, installation of all the necessary packages is rarely straightforward.

So I have built Web CalculiX 3D that is entirely based on inputting (x,y,z) points. Can’t get any more intuitive than that! It is a wrapper for the excellent pygccx package that @Winterheart made .

Click the checkbox for the “Advanced interface” to see controls for mesh density and order. For now this is just a proof of concept. But will add more functionality depending on the interest…

After solving the model you can click the “Topology Optimization” button to automatically create movies like this: