CalculiX Version 2.21

Dear CalculiX users,

Version 2.21 was posted last Monday. While I did not manage to solve all reported bugs, at least some of them were resolved. Thank you all for your contributions!




Thank you for your work, the new version indeed fixed several nasty bugs and introduced some particularly useful features like substructure usage, the Johnson-Cook plasticity model and the Mohr-Coulomb plasticity model.

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Thanks for the update! Your work is very much appreciated.

Yesterday I submitted patches to the FreeBSD ports tree for this update.

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Thank you very much Sir.

Thank you for all the fixes!!

Thanks Guido. It’s always getting better!

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Thanks Guido.
One question: how can I update ccx with pastix latest version? (6.0.3).

I would like to report the project PrePoMax ( → interface for ccx very similar to the abaqus cae interface.

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Do you mean 6.3.0? It’s not possible at the moment, for now we are stuck at the specific modified version (GitHub - Dhondtguido/PaStiX4CalculiX).
At some point we need to make a effort to move more close to mainline again, but it needs some refactoring.


Hi @topel ,

Changes already made in 6.3.0 (add, CalculiX flag):

"Single allocation coeftab"
"Mixed precision"[]=CalculiX


I encountered error:*ERROR in u_calloc: error allocating memory during calculation.
I want to know how to change program used to increase memory?

How can we access this gitlab for pastix? It appears that now it requires an invitation from someone at inria (?).

The main repo: solverstack / PaStiX · GitLab

For the dev repo you need a invitations by project leaders