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Hi Folks, i played around with calculix and prepomax the last days to test If I can use it in my job. One feature that i missed so far, is the ability to create result envelopes, i.e. max abs equiv. stress over all load steps. In ANSYS it is possible to perform operations in field outputs like add, Substrat, min…
Is there an equivalent functionality in calculix?

Many thanks in advance!

Convert the .frd file to .vtk (there are several different converters for that) and you will be able to postprocess the results in ParaView. There you can create such envelopes.

If you would like/dare to try the new PrePoMax developer version 1.4.0 in the results tab, you can now create such an envelope using the menu Results->Field Output->Create.

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Hi Matej,
thanks for your hint. I am really impressed by the work you did with prepomax. I guess its the most beautiful free fea tool that i’ve seen so far. I just downloaded version 1.4.0. unfortunately i could not find the functionality you described (see picture). Did I do sth. wrong?
Using paraview would be an option of course, but honestly I do not like it very much for tasks like this. Surely it is very powerful but from my perspective to overloaded for such a simple task. Therefore I would realy appreciate an implementation of this functionality to futer prepomax versions. Can you already give a hint when the next version will be released as “stable”?

Many thanks in advance!

Check this version:

Many Thanks for the link! This worked. The feature seems to be quite attractive. Unfortunatelly I was not able to setup a new analysis with this version probably due to file errors occuring wile opening a step geometry. However, As far as I understood, it creates an envelope over all sets right? I also did not get how limits can be defined due to missing geometry import but there seems to be an option to define them either partwise ore by dedicated elemetn sets. Very nice! cant wait to see the next stable release!

To fix the problem with geometry import, make sure that work directory is set. CalculiX binary must also be referenced in settings to run analyses:

P.S. Dev version in Downloads on PrePoMax website is also updated now.

Such a useful post-processor, hope this will be possible in CalculiX GraphiX (CGX) also. So it can further process of designing e.g reinforcement intensity requirement of shell and beam user element (classical) or steel member code checking for beam/column.

Many thanks for the info, unfortunately there seems to be still a problem. I used the current version from PrePoMax website and the path settings seem to be correct. The program does not throw an error anymore. However the imported geometry is not rendered…
Anyway I can wait for the next stable release for this feature. For me the topic is solved. Many thanks again :wink: