Viewing and editing the calculix file from prepomax

I am curious if it is possible to edit the calculix file that prepomax creates when doing FEA?

I want to start learning the basics of calculix language and code and was wondering how to edit the one prepomax made for me when i did a test run last week?

Second, since prepomax installs calculix, how do i open calculix to create a new scenario to run? Maybe i am misunderstanding how calculix works but i am under the impression it is a notepad type UI and i add code to it and then run it?

I am wanting to follow this guide:
ccx_2.19.pdf (

The first sample excercise uses a meshed beam. Do i need to mesh a step file in gmsh? or where does this beam and mesh come from. Bare in mind, im used to using freecad as the FEA so this process is new to me. I would like to learn to mesh a step file in gmsh, then use that in calculix if possible. and also edit the fea i created in prepomax so i can add more things o r at least look at the code

Then im guessing once i run calculix to solve the problem, i can view the results in prepomax or paraview?

thanks guys

prepomax has the posibility to export your project to calculix *.inp file.
you can open the *.inp file with calcix in bconvergd or with a stand alone
software like CL34-win64.

For beginning i recoomend you these examples:

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is bconverged the better of the two?

thanks for this. I am excited to learn this stuff

alternatively, there’s InpEditor as single packages: folding/scrolling run smooth, model viewer, group of nodes, convergence monitor, calling CCX/CGX internally, templates, etc.

below are several screenshot examples,

2024-03-24 09_50_52-Options

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so inp editor will take my exported .inp file from prepomax and open it so i can edit the calculix stuff? view other things as shown in your post?


right, as seen in figures. CalculiX CCX (solver) and CGX (pre/post-processor) executable files can be taken from official website, then set in Tools menu and Options. Model viewer and groups are built in, it runs smooth and fast.

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There are two ways to modify input files from PrePoMax:

  • use the built-in Keyword Editor (keywords can only be added, the existing ones can’t be modified)
  • export the input file and use any text editor (I prefer Notepad++ and gVim but it could be even a Windows Notepad)

Here you can learn how to work with CalculiX outside of PrePoMax: Using standalone CalculiX - Tips & Tricks - PrePoMax

After running such an analysis, you can open the .frd file in PrePoMax unless there are some features not yet supported by it.