My first welded T joint welding distortion experiment

Two weeks of meditation and try and error stuff, and here we go. There is no welding seams in the image just forces made with welding seams.

Seen all your posts of last week I thought you where preparing something more than a T beam.

2 weeks * 25 hours/week * 25 EUR/h = 1250 EUR of meditation.


Sorry but I’m very pragmatic. Unless you are planning to build your own software there is people out there who has already cross the dessert for you. Freeware requires more attitude than aptitude.


Actually it is. I solved some simple problems to get them ready for bigger things, especially welding.

Well, I am on my vacation.

I tried some day to install it on wine but ran into problem of Net.Framework version or something alike, then I dropped the idea.

Same is about me.

Damn… Just when I thought we were reaching a good level of support here :exploding_head:.

Each pre/post processing software has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of CalculiX GraphiX CGX over another is in fully parametric in modeling, meshing and boundary condition (support, load, constraint,contact). Other crucial part of software development are long term support, i still doubt anothér ones can be survive in the future trough generation. This reasons why i still learning and use or contributing to CGX also.

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