Absolutely beginer, graphical interface

Hello. I’m absolutely new on Calculix. I’m trying to implement an FSI problem using OpenFoam, Precice and Calculix.

I installed Calculix without problems (I’m using the binaries ccx and cgx for ubuntu). My question is: do I need some graphical interface? Is it absolutely necesary? I found the site https://calculixforwin.blogspot.com . I downloaded and test this graphical interface, but it is a little strange for me, because it is an old file, and looks like a different project (and also it is located in a blogspot, that obviously it is not a professional site).

I’m doing all ok? Is this the best way to use Calculix?

Also, can I ask you for a good tutorial (pdf or youtube) to understand how to implement my own problem? Maybe tutorials of abaqus are enough to understand how to implement problems in Calculix (I never used abaqus, but I read that Calculix is similar to abaqus).

First, I’m interested in understand how to model a solid elastic problem, and then I want to use this code with precice and openfome.


maybe these can help you for beginning !?


wbr dichtstoff

Look for Prepomax preprocessor, it has in Youtube several tutorials.


in case you’re work with Linux environment, as i know CalculiX CCX/CGX is natively build for these platform. alternatively you can try Salome CAD/CAE with available mesh converter. distribution from calculixforwin@blogspot also contains InpEditor developed by Vasily Makarov. mesh can be directly imported, model and group also can be displayed, keywords can be scrolled, all seen as professional for me.

another CalculiX environment is CAE developed by Ihor Mirzov, it has been posted in GitHub.