1D-FSI Modelling with CalculiX

Hello All,
I am working on a blackbox coupling problem where I am solving structure and fluid equations separately (in different solvers) and then applying a coupling mechanism to solve 3D-FSI problem in an elastic tube.

I am using OpenFoam for fluid, CalculiX for solid and preCICE for coupling:
Following is the tutorial I am working with:

I generated the geometry and mesh with Salome and then moved on with the with the problem.

Now what I want to achieve is that, I want to cut my geometry in half and leave the left part with 3D-modelled FSI problem but replace the right part with 1D-FSI problem.
Something like explained in this part of the video:

So basically it will be 3D-1D coupling problem. Now I am looking for solution which can help me in simulating a 1D-structure in CalculiX which I can couple with 1D-fluid solver which I already have written in nutils.

This paper can be helpful:
„Coupling OpenFOAM to different solvers, physics, models, and dimensions using preCICE” by G. Chourdakis

I don’t know which structural finite elements are supported for FSI involving CalculiX but this solver offers a wide range of elements, including several 1D types. Check the documentation for details:

You might get more specific help on the preCICE forum.