.sur file formats

Hope you are all well.
Is there a way to generate .sur files using CGX but with a different format?

The typical .sur file generated by CGX looks like this: Sinterface.sur (23.7 KB)
However, the one used in the 3D elastic pipe tutorial in preCICE Elastic tube 3D | preCICE - The Coupling Library looks like this: interface.sur (7.8 KB)

The original file (solidtube.inp (730.8 KB)) results in a complete interface as shown however, when I split the file up into .nam files and a manually made .sur file, the mesh looks like the second image.


I noticed that the .sur file generated by cgx is not the same as the .sur file in the elastic tutorial case which is why I copy and paste sets manually to make the .sur file identical to the tutorial format.

I guess that could be the issue.

I have asked about why such a format is used in the preCICE case Collapsible Tube (OpenFOAM+CalculiX) - Official adapters and tutorials - preCICE Forum on Discourse however, just wanted to try and see if any CalculiX users know about such a file format?

Would appreciate any help.


you want to outsource all sets and include it with *INCLUDE, INPUT=



Yes, but I was wondering if Calculix can generate different formats for surface files? especially like this one: