Support of CalculiX

Hi all,
I am new to CalciliX. I want to ask, does CalculiX has support for the following things?

  1. Isoparametric mapping
  2. Hybrid mesh (A mesh containing a combination of tri, quad, hexa elements)
  3. Parallel computing
  4. Can we solve a fluid flow problem in this software?

Thank you

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  1. Yes, CalculiX has isoparametric elements: C3D8 and C3D20
  2. That would probably require the use of tie constraint to connect incompatible parts of a mesh.
  3. Sure, check the user manual chapter „How to perform CalculiX calculations in parallel”:
  4. Yes, CalculiX can be used for CFD analyses. However, its capabilities in this field are somewhat limited. It seems that only transient laminar incompressible flow problems can be solved: CalculiX: Overview of the finite element capabilities of CalculiX Version 2.16
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