Mesh Quality Check


Maybe topic does not refers to calculix directly, but I want to ask about mesh quality. How can I check mesh quality in gmsh or any other open source software? I want to plot aspect ratio, jacobian, warpage, angles, etc of my mesh elements.

In Gmsh this is quite limited, there are only 3 criteria that can be checked (using Tools β†’ Statistics β†’ Mesh):

  • SICN: signed inverse condition number
  • Gamma: inscribed radius / circumscribed radius
  • SIGE: signed inverse error on the gradient of FE solution

Salome Meca, on the other hand, provides a set of tools for mesh quality checks (available under Controls), including this window:

and contour plots of these variables. But it seems that it all pretty much comes down to aspect ratio anyway. At least when it comes to the standard 3D mesh quality criteria known in FEA.

I saw this 3 criteria available in gmsh, but I don’t know how to interpret it.

Value in β€œ()” is range of acceptable values? If yes, my mesh is good.
How about 2D plot, how to interpret it?

This is a count of mesh elements with quality parameter value?

The ranges in the brackets are minimum and maximum values of each criterion in your mesh. You will see this if you create a 3D plot of these variables, the min/max values will be seen on the legend.

When it comes to the 2D plots, they show the number of elements vs. the quality measure.

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Who know how this plugin works?

I have no idea and description from manual is not clear for me


Set 1 in the fields that you want to activate. For example, if you want to create a contour plot of the jacobian determinant, set 1 in the first field and in the one named CreateView.