Line and path divisions larger than 99 in cgx

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In cgx, I cannot divide lines with values larger than 99. Same applies to path divisions in post-processing. Below is a simple illustration: 99 divisions work but larger values are executed as 4 divisions. I appreciate suggestions to overcome this issue.

## Geometry

# Points
PNT P0 0. 0. 0
PNT P1 10 0. 0
PNT P2 10 10. 0
PNT P3 0 10 0

# Lines
LINE L1 P0 P1 99
LINE L2 P1 P2 100
LINE L3 P2 P3 99
LINE L4 P3 P0 100

# Line set definition.
SETA Lset1 l L1 L2 L3 L4

# Create surface based on line set.
SURF S1 Lset1

# Surface set definition for meshhing.
SETA surfs s S1

## Meshing

# Element type is assigned to surface.
ELTY surfs qu4c

# Mesh the geometry.
MESH all

# Plot.
PLOT m all
ROT -z


you can add the command:
“send all fbd”
and in the file you see your divison:

LINE L1 P0 P1 199
LINE L2 P1 P2 104
LINE L3 P2 P3 199
LINE L4 P3 P0 104

what you can do to use the command

With the keyword mult or div in combination with a value, it is possible to multiply or divide already assigned divisions:
div all mult 2.

LINE L1 P0 P1 150
LINE L2 P1 P2 150
LINE L3 P2 P3 150
LINE L4 P3 P0 150

div all mult 4

plot ld all

after send all abd
it looks like these:

LINE L1 P0 P1 150 1
LINE L2 P1 P2 150 1
LINE L3 P2 P3 150 1
LINE L4 P3 P0 150 1


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