CGX "bad divisions in surf"

I am having some trouble generating the following mesh. If I replace qu8e with qu4e or divide the number of divisions by two it seems to work. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

pnt c   0.0  0.0  0.0
pnt p1  0.2  0.0  0.0
pnt p2  0.3  0.0  0.0
pnt p3  0.0  0.2  0.0
pnt p4  0.0  0.3  0.0
line L001 p1 p3 c 4
line L002 p2 p4 c 4
line L003 p1 p2 1
line L004 p3 p4 1
gsur A001 + BLEND - L001 + L003 + L002 - L004
seta inner l L001
seta inner p p1
seta inner p p3
seta outer l L002
seta outer p p2
seta outer p p4
seta ymin  l L003
seta ymin  p p1
seta ymin  p p2
seta xmin  l L004
seta xmin  p p3
seta xmin  p p4
div all mult 1
plot ld all k
del mesh
elty all qu8e
mesh all
plot mesh all
send all abq
send xmin abq raw
send ymin abq raw
send inner abq raw
send outer abq raw

When I try to run the file I get the following message:

 WARNING: bad divisions in surf:A001
 1 surfs are not meshed, check set -NOMESH

For the qu8 element, the minimum division required is 2, you have a division of 1 on some lines:

Please try add:

div all mult 1

div L003 2
div L004 2

plot ld all k

Thanks @rafal.brzegowy for the quick response. I wanted as coarse a mesh as possible and I assumed that div determines the number of elements along the edge. Now I understand why it didn’t work.


div all mult 1


div all mult 2

also works.


div all auto 0.01

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