Make single from series of lines in CGX


I’m trying to make a single line from series of lines in CGX, however the set is not readable in log report.

Am I missing something in command?


an *.fbd command I use,

pnt P01 0.00 0.00 0.00
pnt P02 3.33 3.33 0.00
pnt P03 6.67 6.67 0.00
pnt P04 10.00 10.00 0.00

line L01 P01 P02
line L02 P02 P03
line L03 P03 P04

lcmb LC01 + L01 + L02 + L03

seqc LC01

plot pa all
plus la all

log report,

>"C:\PROGRA~2\BCONVE~1\CalculiX\bin\cgx.bat" -b "00.fbd"
on a Windows 7 machine, nodename USER-PC, release 6, version 6.1 Service Pack 1 7601, machine 601 
 The win HOME was detected:C:\Users\user
parameters:3 arguments:2
GL_MAX_EVAL_ORDER:32, mesh threads:1
 00.fbd opened

 reading file
 set:LC01 does not exist

gtol calculated:1.000000e-04

seqc requires a set as an argument. therefore you need a line
seta myset c LC01
seqc myset


many thanks for such as guidance, it’s working now.

2023-08-12 21_41_30-Source