Input deck format

I would like to know how to check if input deck is supported before I get this, for example:

WARNING: *PHYSICALCONSTANTS not known. Data ignored.
create dataset:0 name= VELO
WARNING: *DYNAMIC not known. Data ignored.
WARNING: *ENDSTEP not known. Data ignored.

Looks like there is nothing wrong. I issue, for example

$ cgx -v cubenewt.frd cubenewt.inp

and for cgx *PHYSICALCONSTANTS is not known of course, it expects command. The same with any other input deck which is read with cgx!

Look in the CCX documentation for the *NO ANALYSIS card, this procedure is used for input deck and geometry checking only. No calculation is performed.

Thank you for the tip. But as I mentioned above if *.inp file is read with cgx there will be always WARNING on input deck as cgx expects command.

You didnĀ“t mention CGX

There is below my initial post.

This is normal with cgx. You can just ignore it.