How to assemble multiple meshes

Hello there,

I would like to know what is the most efficient method to combine several single meshes ( available as INP file) into one assembly.

A single component can be loaded with the include command, but if there are several files the numbering of nodes and elements gets mixed up and so the sets do not match anymore.

maybe these could help:
there is a possibility with a cgx file who assmeble all multiple meshes.
please check a manual called “Advanced Caluclix Tutorial” from
Eng. Sebastian Rodriguez

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Thanks, the first part (loading the meshes) seems to work. Unfortunately the positioning does not. I wrote the following code to load the parts and assign them to sets:

seto speciment
read speciment.inp
seto plate
read plate.inp add
move plate tra 0.0, 15.0, 0.0

With the exception of the move command, everything looks fine, but the plate remains at its original coordinates. Do I miss something?

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Can you try different combinations of importing and moving? Say for example,

read plate.inp
move plate tra 0.0, 15.0, 0.0
read speciment.inp add

hello jbr,
what is the use of the command setc?
I have read the manual, but i’m not sure between an open and closed set?

I have now reversed the order, with a somewhat disturbing result. Can anyone explain what might have happened here?

If I have understood the seto and setc correctly, seto opens a set, and everything that is created afterwards is written into the set. setc closes the set, so that the following things are no longer written into the set.

Okay, I guess I just messed up. The reason why the model looks like blown up, is due to the fact that I forgot to change the add argument of the read command as well. The node numbering is mixed up or double.

The move command doesn’t work because (for whatever reason) I set commas as separator between dx, dy and dz. If I remove the commas everything works fine.

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Maybe this is a bug or not sure if that is the intended behavior- any clues @klaus.wittig ?

in the cgx files,
you don’t use a character as seperator,
don’t worry, no bug
please check the manual:


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