Getting CPRESS result on a line to a file

Hello Everybody,

As stated in another topics (Centrifugal load and deloading / Contact stiffness setting) I am studying a 2D problem with a contact. In order to analyze the contact, I am plotting the results of COPEN and CPRESS in cgx.

This is working okay. However, I am wondering if there is a better way. After all, the nodes which are of interest to me are defined in the contact set, so it should be possible to do this somehow automatically?

Ideally, I would like get the values (and coordinates) on the line and be able to send the values to a file.

Any tips on how something like this would be possible to do?
To be clear Iā€™m looking for a solution working with CLI only if possible at all.

Any tip or help is appreciated

You can use *CONTACT PRINT to write CDIS (includes COPEN, CSLIP1 and CSLIP2) as well as CSTR (includes CPRESS, CSHEAR1 and CSHEAR2) to dat file. However, this will be written for all contact elements.

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