Full precision output at nodes and integration points

Is it possible to output the full precision (i.e. same values used inside CalculiX solver) displacement at nodes, stress at integration points and stress extrapolated to nodes, preferably in an easy to read format such as CSV? I would like to read this data into another program for postprocessing and verification against analytical solutions.

Hi Benzwick
Did you figure it out? I am using *Node Print, NSET=all to print out displacements. I need to write out displacement values with more significant digits and it seems that *Node Print does not have any format assignment.
Let me know if you have a solution.

Hi Adrian,
No, I didn’t find a way to do this yet.

You could try to find the subroutine that writes the *.dat *.cvg files and specify the precision and formats you want. You will need to write the part for the CSV- not sure if you could link an external library like

Output file *.frd is simple for understood, but have not enough precision of values and point deformation have not data about rotations.
So I agree with you now we have not access to precision data.
If you want - function frd in source code need change.


look at subroutine printout.f and its subroutines for the .dat output. Format right now is e13.6. Change this format and recompile.

Remember: in the .dat file the stresses/strains… are at the integration points, in the .frd file at the nodes. Creating binary frd files (*NODE OUTPUT instead of *NODE FILE etc.) increases the accuracy compared to the ASCII frd files.


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Thanks for the reply Guido. Just to make it clear, in my case, I am using:


I checked the content of printout.f. I believe the file that I have to modify for writing nodal displacements in a different format is printoutnode.f and not printout.f. Please confirm.
Thank you,

yes. This is correct.


Thanks Guido.
One of my colleagues helped me to create a new CalculiX build that writes out displacement values with more significant digits. I am all set.