Distance from node to plane

There is a message after
$ds 1 e 4

1 disp all
Extremal values from displayed mesh entities:
Max: 7.283055e+00 at node: 217
Min not important

How can I locate the node and how to see the plane the displacement of the node is measured from?

you can plot the model without displacement and with displacement
please check the examples here:

and for these:

you can create a set with your node 217 and plot the node
seta new n 217
plot e all
plus na new b

and so on

Thank you, and there is a a way to print its coordinates as well Klaus Wittig is aware of it but does not share it with me yet.

if you have the set with your node you can use
print se new
and all information will be there

maybe it is better to create a file only for checking or reading your result:

with these file you can use for checking your result while your calculation is running

it could looks like these:

read HEA-1000_el.frd
read HEA-1000_el.inp nom

plot e Enmonitor
prnt se Nnmonitor


This is cool, thank you.