Exporting Mode Shapes


Is there a way to export the mode shapes (from a modal analysis) of a node set?

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** STEP 2: Eigenfrequencies and modes in deformed state:
** 20 Eigenfrequencies with eigenmodes stored for subsequent steps:
** NSET NALL with all nodes for Paraview or cgx:

First of all thanks for the answer: I am aware of the *NODE PRINT option as well as *NODE FILE but none of them is read by Paraview (.frd and .dat format from CalculiX) or am I missing something?

Finally I was curious if there is a way to do somthing like *NODE PRINT but in cgx when post-processing the results.

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You must convert your .frd results to some Paraview compatible format. Check this post on the Salome forum:

I found the most suitable is the Calmed converter, that will convert to .rmed format the results. After that you need Paraview with support for .rmed files (as far as I know standard Paraview doesn’t come with that support), you can find it here:


There is also a *.vtk converter:


Sergio any chance you a static executable of Calmed converter? I have been trying to compile it but no success so far! I have tried ccx2paraview as well but unfortunately it seems to require more RAM compared to what I have at disposal.

By the way thanks for the help!

calmed8 static for Windows

This version base on med 4.1

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Hi @rafal.brzegowy , sorry for revive this topic. I have downloaded your Windows version of Calmed8, but all the files that I have tried crash my Paraview 5.6. I have an older version of Calmed8 that came with several dll, and this make “valid” rmed files, but some fields (max/min principal stress) are not translated (that’s why I tried your version). Have you tested it? Any advice?