About post-processing and interaction with other software

I’d like to ask you three questions.
firstly, if I want to exchange data with other soflware, I have to let calculix output new displacement after each time step to update node position, so can calculix pause calculation at each time step and wait for the other software to send new node force before restarting the next time step calculation?
Secondly, I see that the disp is displacement in the frd file, so when finding the new position of the node, it can only be the original position coordinate information + displacement? Can I output the new position of the node directly?
Thirdly, if we use the original position + displacement to get the new position of the node, then for example, if the original position is 2.5e+01 but the displacement is only 4.6e-15, then 4.6e-15 will be very small compared to 2.5e+01, so we have to discard it, right? So this will not lead to a larger cumulative error in the end?

If you are talking about something like co-simulation then you should take a look at preCICE which is meant for such purposes and supports CalculiX.

There is an output variable named COORD which contains the current coordinates but those of the integration points only.

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My flow field software is not appreciated, so I want to write my own data interaction program…
I recently discovered *restart, but I didn’t quite understand it. I saw that it was possible to suspend the program to update *cload after each time step was calculated, but I failed to try it, may I ask how to use this?