CGX with new colormaps

Dear CalculiX users,

CalculiX GraphiX with a few new colormaps and ‘cmap’ command is available. Please, follow link for details and downloads:


Great! Thanks for adding these.

For completeness, a blog post by Mathworks on the same topic:

on why they switch to their Parula scheme (quite similar to the Viridis by the way)

By the way, one my colleague asked to implement also a grayscale colormap. How do you think, is it needed?

Probably the most requested are Jet/Rainbow (just because… is the standard, not for being the better, customers and bosses want the standard!), grayscale could be usefull for printing in a black/white printer, but in fact in more than 20 of doing FEA and having it available on several postprocessors, never did the change (or seen in colleagues reports), normally a report is done to be clear on screen and then printable. Even when I see a pdf or any other document on screen with grayscale colormap, I ask myself why they don’t do in colors? Yes, is for printing, but nowdays most documents are seeing in screens.

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Agree 100% with @SergioP


Grayscale maps of color are usable for printable book tutorials or examples. Switching between viewable ebook and CCX/CGX or any pre/post-pocessor windows are not effective when someone’s in steep learning curve.

Stilll a good ideas to include these features.

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Yes, for some people standard colormap is not perfect, for example:

And may be is the better way add more contrast colormap.


I try to do some comparison for stress contour plot. Jet/turbo setting look too smooth, not given greater insight in range separation. Looking another post processing programs, are interesting.


ABAQUS use jet/turbo approach with removing two grades of dark colours at peak/lowest range (red & blue) with black lines for element edge . FEMAP has different approach, similar to classic with minor modification & add light blue colour, using blue lines for element edges.

Is possible to add User Defined color plot of results without recompiling CalculiX GraphiX CGX?

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Adding a user defined colormap is a very good idea. And I think it’s possible to program user defined colormaps to be defined via .cgx configuration file in user’s home folder.

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