Cgx error message - Axxx not chained and therefore not oriented

I have a complex object that will not mesh. cgx 2.11 says that it can’t create a body. I decided to break it up into parts to overcome this. I now have 6 parts but it still fails with a message, “A006 not chained and therefore not oriented.” Because there are multiple parts, I suspect the problem is that some lines in common between parts are drawn from Pt B to Pt A, backwards from the normal node ordering but I do not know.

To attempt a solution, I have created dummy nodes, close to the other components, then created lines between the nodes and subsequently an area. Then I edited the .fbd file to change the dummy nodes to the real nodes, thus avoiding accidentally referencing a line drawn for a different part. This works but subsequently saving and reopening the .fbd file in cox causes the error to return.

I am running Ubuntu Linux v20 and cgx 2.11 is the most recent version that I can find precompiled. Any advise would be appreciated.



is there a possibility to have access to the fbd file?


Do you have root access on your ubuntu machine? If so , it should be fairly easy to install 2.18 . I can send you the commands.

Sure. Here is a link to the file on Dropbox. It is an extruded aluminum J, so thickness of each element is different.

Yes, I have root access. I would be happy to give the install a try.

Here’s what I had to install on a Centos 8 system ( replace dnf with apt-get ):

sudo dnf install tigervnc-server
sudo dnf install xorg-x11-server-Xvfb
sudo dnf install -y ImageMagick ImageMagick-devel
sudo dnf install psutils -y
sudo dnf install gv -y
sudo dnf install gnuplot -y
sudo dnf install libXmu-devel -y
sudo dnf install libX11-devel
sudo dnf install libXi-devel -y

Then follow the steps here:


do want now 6 single surfaces or 6 surfaces with common lines and nodes?


Thanks! I will give it a try.