CGX does not catch a node groups

i tried took a test of wedge or prism element performance in simple case, this method based on extrusion of unstructured triangle element. however, it seems catching of a node group using ‘comp’ in CGX commands does not work properly, only partial of nodes in set was shown.

am i miss something in commands? any suggestion for these problem.


maybe you have to use the command with down or use both, up and down !?


thanks @dichtstoff for looking up my problems,

pnt p1 0 0 0
pnt p2 100 0 0
pnt p3 100 50 0
line l1 p1 p2 6
line l2 p2 p3 3
line l3 p3 p1 9
div all mult 1
plot pa all
plus la all
surf s1 l1 l2 l3
plot sa all
seta sg1 s1
elty sg1 tr3u
mesh sg1
swep sg1 bg1 tra 0 0 20 4 a
comp bg1 up
send bg1 abq
seta support A003
comp support up
comp support do
send support abq spc 123
seta load A001

using both command ‘up’ and ‘down’ successfully detect node group based on face… but it’s strange for me since surface are differ with i chose previously. defined as ‘s1’ surface not ‘A003’ in this case.