System Error during the very first runs

Whenever I try to run Calculix from command line, it shows the following system error. Any help regarding this problem will be appreciated. TIA.

First search on your computer to see if it is somewhere. Maybe you just need to add its location to the path for the system to find it.

In case you don’t find it , there is a copy of that dll and others requested by ccx MKL pardiso inside Mr. Rafał Brzegowy compiled version of ccx.


This is only needed for Pardiso. If you want to use the default solver (PaStiX) you just need ccx_static.exe

It works. Thank you, Disla.
Is there rotary inertia element (as in Abaqus) available in Calculix? & *Orientation?

CalculiX only has one-node mass elements. *ORIENTATION is available, check the user’s manual:

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You are using the Pardiso solver. The Pardiso solver requires the MKL (Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library) to work. You can download the MKL libraries for free from the Intel website. Once the MKLs have been installed, all you have to do is copy the libraries (dlls) required by the CCX into its folder.